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Welcome to Westminster Center for Research and Strategy


Welcome to the Westminster Center for Research and Strategy (WCRS). 


Westminster Center for Research and Strategy (WCRS) is a multi-disciplinary and non-partisan Think Tankt that addresses the most important challenges such as International Security, Counter Terrorism, Economic Development, Diplomacy and International Relations etc,.


WCRS publishes reports, holds briefings, research papers and books and also holds international conferences and seminars on the topics of Deradicalization, International Security, Global Intelligence, Peace and Harmony, Security, Economy, Hybrid Warfare, Maritime etc. We  engage governments, the private sector, civil society and its members in open debate and confidential discussion on the most significant developments in international affairs. The Center runs private and public events – conferences, workshops and roundtables – in London, Nottingham and internationally. WCRS envisions research and policies for strategic national and global inquest, realizing the significance of traditional and non-traditional security challenges.





WCRS members have access to  the very best defence and security analysis, events and conferences and are introduced to a network of peers, specialists and decisision makers. 

Individual members have access to premium analysis and events, and the opportunity to engage with WCRS's network of experts, policymakers and practitioners.

WCRS’s Corporate Membership packages are open to all organisations concerned with defence and security matters, and can be tailored to meet the business interests of both public and private sectors.

Student members have access to premium events, and the access to WCRS's publications and research work.

Ibrahim Afridi,  a brave student from APS Peshawar, Pakistan who survived a deadly terrorist attack in 2014 speaks with Team IoHR alongwith M Touseef, Director General of WCRS. He describes the deadly incident that changed his life, his current work around Peace and Education with WCRS in London and future aspirations and plans. 

9/11 was a great tragedy for the people living in America and it changed the lives of people living all over the world. The deplorable attacks claimed lives of more than 3000 people in teh World Trade Center, New York and changed teh definitions of friendship and enimosity for the entire word. Terrorisma has no religion and we condemn it in ts all shapes and forms. WCSR is committed tomake this world a peacful place.

Lt Gen Jim Dutton, Advisory Board member of WCRS met with General Naeem Lodhi, former Defence Minister of Pakistan at LSE, London.

(3rd Nov, 2018).

Dr. Jack Watling, senior fellow at Royal United Services Institute invited General Naeem Lodhi, former Defence Minister of Pakistan and team WCRS at RUSI, London.

(5th Nov, 2018).

Team WCRS is honored at be invited at Commandant's Parade at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

(12th Dec, 2018).

WCRS is holding an event on the topic of "Impact of Afghan War at UK" in Jan, 2019. Venue, guest speakers, dates to be announced soon.

(Jan, 2019).

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