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What If They Play War


Hina Ayra

Modi played his hand. Pakistan went on the diplomatic offensive and met the initial success. Despite that the major question remains, has it put India under some pressure? 

Modi is definitely under pressure on fast declining economy of India. Details are available for those privy to the situation. Desperate times are approaching fast. Desperado thus can harp on to a desperate action. Statements of the BJP high ups are evidence enough.

Kashmir remains under curfew. If it prolongs , a major catastrophe is in the offing. Who is concerned? Not the world. All of them have vested interests. Pakistan is not only directly affected but  most concerned also. Any fallout has a snowball affect on Pakistan. Are we ready for it? 

Indian buildup in the Valley is alarming.  Cease Fire Line (ex LOC) is active almost all along. War bells are ringing. Is the voice falling on the deaf ears of the countries which matter or are they intentionally acting deaf ? Later is the probability.

Forget about so-called Muslim Umma. Arabs are subservient to their masters.   Turkey and Iran has come out openly in support of Kashmiries. None else. 

There is no unity within among political parties in Pakistan. They are more focused on point scoring. Order of the day is to have a common stance over the issue . All party leaders must stand alongside the Government. Petty gains be put aside. Can it be done? Keep the fingers crossed.

Drum beat of war is loud and clear. India is enacting a typical Bollywood drama. It needs to cut him to size. Yes, we can do it. All cards have to be played meticulously. India will not withstand the attrition. Situation has to be created in Indian Punjab . Khashmiri freedom fighters are to be backed. Let's be prepared for the bloody outcome. Steadfastness is the must. In case to avoid such an escalation, diplomatic offensive must not recede. Let the corridors of power know that their indifference at this crucial time will be hazardous for the region in particular and the world in general. It must be done now.India requires to be bridled along with its major ally, Israel , who are calling out loud, Let's play war. 

Hina Ayra is an Associate Fellow with Westminster Centre for Research and Strategy. She is a former current affairs anchor and an established and experienced author in international relations. She is an alumni of National Defence University.

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