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Director General of WCRS M Touseef was invited as a speaker at Counter Terrorism and Deradicalization conference on 30th April 2018 at the prestigious King's College London. The conference was sponsored by IOHR and other delegates came from Spain, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Poland and UK.

DG and President WCRS were invited to the prestigious APCV at RAF Coningsby on 15th Oct 2018. They inspected RAF equipment, ISTAR, Air Mobility, Force Deployment, RAF Police, Force Protection, Flying Training and inflight experience with A 400 Atlas and C130. (October 2018)

Team WCRS with delegation of President Trump at Houses of Parliament, Chief White House correspondent Emerald Robinson and Republican Leader Erika Miller alongwith the historic bust of Churchill that was returned by President Obama to UK. (July 2018)

Team WCRS was invited at a wonderful reception by University of Surrey at the famous London Yacht Hotel. Dinner was followed by some great discussion with Professor Adcroft, Professor Ansgor, Seema and others. (June 2018).

Team WCRS with Honorable Duke of Wellington Charles Wellesley at the Royal United Services Institute.

Team WCRS with General Yusuf Burutai at the Royal United Services Institute while some valuable discussion around Boko Haram and Nigeria's CT Strategy took place.

Team WCRS was invited to Embassy of Norway to to attend a discussion with Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Important matters including Brexit and Trident Exercises 

Team WCRS with the famous author Christina Lamb who has authored many books on war on terror and Afghanistan. She authored "I am Malala".

Team WCRS invited at the memorial service of Muslim Soldiers at Woking by British Army. Honoured to have met with Defence Minsiter UK, General Officer Commanding Regional Command, Sheikh Ramsy, Royal Air Force Chaplaiins and others.

Team WCRS with Sir Jonathan Evans, Ex Chief of MI 5, the British Secret Service. A valuable discussion arounf security threats took place.

Major General (R) Robert Adam Mungo from british Amry presents his latest book to team WCRS.

Roniel Aledo, ex CIA Analyst was invited to WCRS for a guest lecture. He spoke to our audience about his experiences in Afghanistan and the war on terror that has been going on since 2001.




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